om tjockheten

jag är glad! :D


och inte ens full. och allt är bra.

jag är lyckligast i världen. och snyggast.



och oändligt med vänner... aldrig är jag ensam.

He´s placed between her widespread legs
a final cut into his back
She claims he was her second best
and she´s got so much that he detests

Breaking up isn´t harder than
to decide what is best for her
He´s had her since she was seventeen
Do you really know exactly what I mean?
His baby is so mean

Teenage lust is so hard on her
she´ll do anything to keep him pleased
It?s been the same thing with them all
in just a week or two if not before

Things get worse as morning breaks
a live show for the ones next door
He liked her better at seventeen
Do you really know exactly what I mean?
Her baby is so mean

Split up... wasting time
they?re talking about one another now
What follows is another deal
and I think you know exactly how they feel

They´re so mean

det var vi.


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