Om sömnlösa nätter

Den 15 april närmar sig. och ni vet vad det handlar om.
Vad gör man i höst? Vilket land ska man befinna sig i? Och ska man plugga? Jobba? med vad?
vart ska man plugga i så fall? Och kommer man klara av att plugga om man int vill?
varfr kan an inte göra som man vill?
Men vad i hevete vill man????


 I'm one year older now since last time I saw you
in case you wanna know, I'm about to say what I'm up to
first of all I'm a sluggard movin' slow in a clumsy way
some peace of mind is what I want, but that will be the day
I've been going with the flow for too long now,
this must end running 'round in circles,
I've been so far away from myself searching for the energy and the time to make a change in my life
instead of watching it pass by, get something done while I'm alive.

I'm twenty two, don't know what I'm supposed to do or how to be,
to get some more out of me. I'm twenty two,
so far away from all my dreams I'm twenty two, feeling blue.

I try to activate myself the best I can so that boredom won't catch up with me,
i've my daily plan wake up late, then rehearse a bit with the band, I guess it's cool?
Later when I'm home again I boil a note or two then I go to bed that's what I do.
Afraid that I will be weak forever I can't stay in this shape any longer my life's just another cliche.


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